YouTube Introduces Three New features To Improve The Experience Of Creators

YouTube is one of the most popular video consuming platform on the planet and the tech giant works day in and out to bring its users the best possible feature that it can offer and now it is bringing some new changes to the streaming part of the platform.

The social giant is now introducing a total of three new features for all its users who like to stream on videos and interact with their following at the same time. The three new features include, subscribers only chat, video clips cutting and polls within the stream. These features have been present on Twitch which is a well-known streaming platform, for a long time now and YouTube just borrowed these off from Twitch.

The subscribers only chat will limit the chat conversation between the streamer and the subscribed audience. This is a great feature as it will allow streamers to interact one on one with their true subscribers and will limit off all those who do not follow the particular channel and had just popped by. The sense of security and the fact that they will have a true social interaction with their favorite creators will also more likely encourage users’ to pay for the channel which is a bonus point for all the channel creators.

Apart from this, the polls part of the features will allow creators to put up polls within the streaming video so that their audience can vote while attending the stream only. The polling feature is great because through this it will be easier for the creators to ask their audience to vote on polls which will help them decide what their following likes best and take the road for the channel that way.

Lastly, the VOD clipping feature will make it easier for the fan pages to cut off some parts of the video to upload on their fan pages and channels. This way all those who could not attend the multiple hour videos can see the funny or important parts that they missed when fan pages upload those clippings.

All these features are currently under testing for only a limited number of creators and as to when it will be released permanently is unknown. But what we know for sure is that whenever it is released, it will be launched first for all those channels exceeding 1000 subscribers and later will make way for those lesser than this.

YouTube is doing great with all features it has introduced and we cannot wait to see what it has in store for us in the future as well.

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