YouTube Introduces new Emoji cards to incentivize content creators

Google’s subsidiary and the video streaming giant, YouTube is always looking to introduce new features to help the content creators on its website with not only a moral boost but an update on their viewing activity and further categorizing the creators with similar stats into groups for specific updates and assistance.

Fairly recently, an update by YouTube was introduced that called for the users to star and publicize the so-called Achievement Cards that mentioned the updates and standing of their channels by emojis and details of all sorts.

The new cards on the YouTube Studio page were introduced with a statement from the streaming giant. The statement mentioned these cards are set for certain milestones that the users will achieve in relation to the subscribers, watch time, comments, and likes. It was further elaborated that this update would help creators recognize the worth of their work and their importance to the YouTube community.

There were many who supported the views reflected by the statement of YouTube and mentioned that this could just be the encouraging act that the content creators needed to help uplift, support, or even provide the will to break through glass ceilings that are placed on many creators across the diverse world.

However, there were some with the view that this is of no use at all and just a small measure that contributes nothing to the conditions, situations, and hard work that the content creators put into their videos. Some even went on to say that these cards are the working of a junior school teacher’s brain and add on nothing to the tough life of new content creators that face financial uncertainty, negative comments and hate from this negatively biased world.

Other than that, the update was part of the three-pronged update of YouTube. The second update revolves around a better version of the timed comments that YouTube had introduced back in the early Summer around April.

The idea was a result of YouTube’s minds sitting together to produce further validity and relevance of comments that are posted on the platform. This also helps the user understand the most exciting parts and the ones that are most engaged with by the timestamps of most of the comments presented by the viewers to the audience. This update has also been extended to the YouTube mobile app.

The third update was a reminder to all the users that had uploaded unlisted videos prior to the 1st of January 2017. This was to simply inform such users that their videos will be deemed private by the algorithm and bagged into the private section. In order to avoid that the user would have to change the status of the video by themselves.

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