YouTube announces it will highlight videos from credible health sources and will further add tags on some video content so that people can avoid misinformation

The number of COVID-19 cases and deaths is increasing in the US again. The quick eruption of this disease has unbolted various issues such as the dissemination of false information from social platforms. The latest research report says that the spread of fake information is faster as compared to the authentic data on these social platforms. Recently, one of many social media companies YouTube has been criticized a lot for not performing its role in a better way because it is not monitoring the misleading content properly. The government and health experts said that fake info is the major reason for the upsurge in the number of deaths.

YouTube has now taken some measures after facing many questions regarding this issue. The giant video platform recently announces that it will support video content from credible health sources and will further include the info sections that will show the link of the authentic foundations that the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) has suggested so that people can easily get the correct information from its platform. It will direct the people to click on specific videos that have the info panels, so it will reduce the chances of presenting fake information.

The success of the instruments will depend on the inclination of audiences to tap on them. However, some professionals recurrently suspected the same tools that the platform included in the video content of elections during the prior year. The director and worldwide head of health care said that it is the initial step to recognize and label the authentic health foundations on this platform.

The American Surgeon General reported a couple of days ago that people are not getting credible information about vaccines from platforms like YouTube, so these companies must have to take some strict actions to prevent the spread of misleading info. The report also pointed out that the video platform has more ratios of health misleading info and anti-vaccine videos than those types of videos that are made for spreading awareness regarding the vaccine. YouTube is not the only platform that has been questioned for hosting these types of information, there are many other platforms like Facebook, Google, etc., as recently, the president of the US accused Facebook that it is killing people for presenting false news regarding the corona vaccine.

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