WhatsApp Will Now Allow Its Users To Jump Into The Middle Of A Group Call

WhatsApp will finally be allowing its users to join a group call after the call has been made.

This is easily the best decision WhatsApp has taken in the past year. What with the pandemic and social distancing, many people started relying on group calls to contact their friends and loved ones. WhatsApp's a very popular application, everyone's always on their phones anyways, it has video support too, everyone wins! Right? Well, apparently not. Due to a very, very confusing decision made by the developers behind WhatsApp, if an individual were to accidentally miss a group call, they had no other way of joining in. You were on the other side of the room? Too bad. You were cleaning up, and it would have only taken you a minute? Well, nothing can be done. Perhaps this article feels just a little too critical, but that's because this is a feature that has confused and annoyed this author for so long.

But, finally, WhatsApp decided to take a look at this deficit, and concluded that maybe allowing users to join group calls after they've been made won't bring about the end times. The feature works in a very simplistic manner. All an individual has to do is go to the calls tab in their WhatsApp application. From there, any currently active group calls will be available. All one has to do from there on is click, and join in. Just like that, no trouble whatsoever. Almost makes a person wonder what took the devs literal years to get this feature up in the air. Ah, well, better late than never, yes?

The feature will start rolling out on the coming Monday. WhatsApp has also released a statement, clarifying that all calls made will be end-to-end encrypted. Which is a statement that, after the entire policy update fiasco in early 2021, they're not going to get tired of anytime soon. WhatsApp's overall had a bad year, nearly all of it owing to the policy update. Who could have ever guessed that updating your policy to share user data with third party companies would have received such a huge backlash? So, honestly, with such a bad series of months for WhatsApp, this author's glad they got their act together for something.

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