Biden clears his stance regarding accusations on Facebook; states it isn't about accountability, it's about acceptance and awareness

Last Monday, Joe Biden was seen making claims against several platforms, Facebook in general, in spreading false information on the vaccine. His statement included accusations that platforms, especially Facebook, are a tool aiding to kill people.

This received quite the backlash as critics went all out on both the platform and Biden. While Facebook remained baffled, denying the claims, Biden took back this statement, defending the intentions.

Biden claimed the statement was more like a mirror being shown to the ones responsible instead of blaming anyone in particular. This time round he stated that the platform isn't murdering people, but certain people are -12 ones. He pointed towards the administration report on the Covid-19 misinformation through his comment.

Biden further went ahead to show his hopes that the platforms would rather work on the issue and alter the misinformation being spread than take the comment personally.

He also went ahead to claim that the misinformation is causing people to die since it promotes causes against the vaccine and the pandemic thrives within the unvaccinated. According to Biden, the unvaccinated are the sole reason why people continue to die.

This statement was yet another proof of the ongoing brawl between the White House and Facebook. The fight is further fueled by the continued spread of Covid-19 misinformation while the White House increases its concern on the matter by tying social media directly to the spread of the misinformation regarding the vaccine.

In response, Facebook showed light on the lack of facts the statement supports while bringing to notice the actual facts that point towards the number of lives Facebook has saved through the spread of authentic information.

While the administration claims the surge in misinformation passed around concerning the vaccine through Facebook, the platform remains silent. We believe just by bringing out the data on the misinformation spread, Facebook could avoid a lot of criticism and misunderstandings.

We understand quite well that the recent statement was to cover up the direct hit that Biden took on Facebook and the silence observed by Facebook in response has all of us in doubt. When accused, Facebook immediately hands out facts and figures, so it remains a puzzle why the platform is so hushed up. This only leads to one conclusion, is the platform really contributing to killing lives?

In this case, we believe Biden was right. However, accusing Facebook alone is unfair, confirming the personal fire between both the parties. The users remain spectators to the whole issue while doubts concerning both the White House and Facebook keep increasing.

The question remains, who is at fault here, Facebook or Biden?

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