WhatsApp Calls Out Apple for Its Lack of Efforts against NSO Malware and Apple Takes a Dig Against the Messaging App

WhatsApp CEO urged Apple in his recent interview to take all precautionary actions against the NSO malware.

Recently, a new malware commonly known as "Pegasus" is making rounds on the internet. According to media reports, this malware attacks both Android and Apple devices. The devices which has been exploited by this malware has the tendency of recording phone calls and messages and transmit them along with the photos stored in that particular phone to the people behind this malware.

The software of the malware is in the ownership of an Israeli firm called NSO group which claims that they only give the software out for counterterrorism purposes but news has been different as of recent.

Last weekend, a story came forward that a bunch of human right activists, lawyers and journalists were targeted with this malware using the Apple iMessage system as a source.

While this was last week’s development, this weekend it has been revealed by the Pegasus Project, which is a collaboration between 17 media organizations to learn more information on this NSO malware that many state officials from different regions have been targeted through the same malware by governments who have access to this NSO spyware.

This malware is dangerous as it has the tendency to collect the basic or hidden information on your phone.
Hence tech companies like Microsoft and other tech firms have taken measures to protect its users from this malware attack and have been well praised by WhatsApp who is currently in a lawsuit battle against NSO.

However, the context of this story is not how well other companies are fighting this malware but how WhatsApp has called out Apple, one of the world's top smartphone company on its lack of efforts in fighting and protecting its users against this NSO.

Will Cathcart (Whatsapp's head) wasn't the only person to call out Apple on its lack of effort but a bunch of other researchers have also did the same.

However, Apple has responded on all these accusations by stating that, Apple first took a dig against WhatsApp in response to all their accusations against it and said that if WhatsApp has a way of detecting or preventing such activities on their app, Apple would love to know about it and then further stated that the company is against all these malware that potentially target individuals who work to make the world a better place, however such malware have a pretty short life and take millions of dollars to form and considering how Apple has one the of the strongest security systems than anyone on the market it is sure that its vast majority of users are safe from this malware. However, the company is still taking all actions it can to make improve its security system further.

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