Apple says that it has fixed the Wi-Fi issue in the latest iOS update which could restrict the network connection from the device

Carl Schou reported this Wi-Fi-related issue for the first time a few weeks ago which could deactivate the network connection from the iOS devices. Many users were having trouble while connecting the Wi-Fi connection and some were complaining that their internet connection has lost its functionality. Apple Company has recently announced that its users will no longer see this issue as the company has fixed this Wi-Fi problem in the coming update of iOS 14.7.

Before the fixture of this issue, a few iPhone users tried to reset their device’s connection by going to the network setting and then tapping the general section and then resetting the internet connection to repair this issue but a majority of users still reported the vulnerability that could become a headache for them. Now the fixture of this issue in the iOS 14.7 update has been reported by Zollotech for the first time in his latest video on YouTube. He gave some details regarding the bug fixture that if you were having that problem, you should link your network with one of the particular names of Wi-Fi, and then your device will connect the internet connection as you want.

According to some experts, the issue was caused due to the reason that users tried to change their internet connection to strange names like % type fonts that are frequently used in programming to set-up certain variables into a productive string. The %n shows to reserve the characters within the layout thread outside the variable conceded to the string format task. After that, the internet system authorizes the SSID name impure to some inner archive that is executing the format of string which consecutively causes the random memory inscribes and buffer excess. This can corrupt the memory and can even destroy the course and ultimately this result in the disruption of the Wi-Fi network. The security expert who found this flaw for the first time said that he was testing this since iOS 14.4.2 as users are still facing the issue in iOS 14.6 update, but now some good news has come from the company’s side.

So far, the Apple Company has launched the beta version for this latest update for developers and people to check this update but still, the releasing date has not been unveiled by the company. Now you should be very careful with the % sign name of your Wi-Fi connection.

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