Twitter Is Adding A New Update To How Photos Appear On Users Timeline, And Consults Its Community On Other Changes

Twitter is hard at work developing an edge to edge layout for photos on the timeline interface. In other news, the platform has also assured its users that improvements are coming to the Topics feature.

Twitter and its devs are often hard at work, developing a new feature or the other for the short form message sharing platform. Twitter's microblogging sensibilities, as well the massive community its amassed, leave it open to a lot of potential changes. Developers have added in threaded replies, private DMs, groups, bookmarks, an entire premium service called Twitter Blue, and so much more. It's been quite a long drive to get here, but currently Twitter stands as a full fledged form of social media, as opposed to just the simple tweet-posting forum it was in its infancy.

An important part of Twitter's development process is just how much feedback they take from the community. An example of this can be found in the platform's defunct threaded replies feature. Devs spent nearly a year beta testing with the community. The new replies interface went through months of tweaking, only for Twitter to eventually dispose of the whole system in its entirety because the community stated that it made reading difficult. Accordingly, when Twitter decided to announce its latest features for the home timeline, the community was asked to weigh in.

First of all, Twitter's adding edge to edge photos. This little update was leaked to the public by social media researcher and serial leaker Jane Manchun Wong, and what it essentially means is that pictures take up the horizontal space on your screen as well. No more rounded out corners, a picture can be seen in its entirety. Interestingly enough, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey even replied to Wong's leaks, cheekily calling the new update better.

In other news, Twitter's product head Kavyon Beykpour asked the community what it thought about the ability to edit tweets. While the response was very positive, this is a feature that's been clamored after for years, it may end up being pay-walled by the Twitter Blue subscription feature.

Finally, Twitter Support recently tweeted out to the community, asking after its opinions on the number of topics that show up on one's home timeline. In the tweet, while asking for feedback, Twitter has also pledged to reduce the number of topic suggestions that appear, while editing the timeline to feature more of what users love. The response to this was also mostly positive, with some individuals troll-ishly remarking whether or not this new update would be "paywalled" or not.

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