Twitter rolls out one of the most-needed security feature for mobile and web users

Two-Factor Authentication has been available on major online services as one of the most used authentication methods. However, it brings about complexities and is often annoying when one has to use more than one device. Especially when a device is stolen, locked, or out of charge, the two-factor authentication makes it virtually impossible to access the account.

Realizing the difficulties posed by this authentication process, Twitter was quick to react and started searching for alternative means to ensure the same level of security while increasing the ease of access of the users. After giving thought to a lot of variants of authentication processes, Twitter decided to utilize the security key as an option.

Previously, the security key was complementary to the two-factor process however from March 2021, Twitter announced that this process would be an alternative to the annoying two-factor authentication.

To improve the ease of access, Twitter has finally decided to introduce this system on both mobile and web ensuring that no device and user are left behind. This physical security key is way safer than the codes that are used and eliminates all chances of hacking where it is enabled.

It has improved accessibility for computer users as they can have it with them all the time, however, Twitter is looking for ways to ensure that the same ease can be provided to mobile phone users by having modifications to the security key.

This updated method of authentication is introduced by Twitter to eliminate all alternative ways where hacking is easier. Since 2017, Twitter has been working to ensure that the login process is safe and secure to use.

Before 2017, Twitter used to work on the old and cliched SMS verification system that even though did the job, but was never the safest option for users as it was extremely prone to hacking. Post-2017, Twitter introduced third-party authentication apps such as Google Authenticator and Authy for increased security.

However, in 2019, Twitter was taken aback as its CEO, Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked and used for vandalism by a group called Chuckling Squad. This lead Twitter to move from the SMS system as even the CEO of a tech firm was not safe from the SIM swapping techniques that had taken over the modern age.

Therefore, in 2019, Twitter initiated the two-factor authentication process without asking for phone numbers from users. However as mentioned above, it came with several difficulties that the users had to face.

Recognizing these problems, Twitter switched to Security Key solutions in March 2021. Even though we are unsure of what the next step would be in better authentication, guesses include fingerprint, retinal scan, or either of them paired with voice recognition as the globe is now moving online and cyber threats are now more dangerous than they ever were.

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