Instagram plans on pushing video content on its platform so that it can compete with other rising video based platforms

With the rise of social apps like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and others that focused usually on long length videos, TikTok founders found a market for short length video content which is not longer than 30 seconds but entertain viewers thus they created the platform for it. TikTok since it entered the game has been able to gain a much larger market share in a very small time thus shocking other competitors. Apart from getting a bigger market share in a small time, TikTok also had something that other competitors like Facebook have been trying so hard to achieve and that is 'user engagement', TikTok has an excellent user engagement, the credit of which goes to the way the application is built. TikTok is built to be addictive and make its users spend hours on the app while aimlessly scrolling through short videos for hours at times. TikTok according to a recent data report is third on the list of applications that people spend the most time on, while Instagram stands on the second spot. TikTok was found to be close to Instagram and according to experts TikTok will soon beat Instagram and secure the second spot.

Now worried about TikTok's excellent user engagement, Instagram is exploring new ways to increase theirs. Instagram a while back introduced Reels which is an Instagram feature that lets users post small videos, the user interface of Reels is pretty much similar to that of TikTok since it is made to compete with it.

One new update that Instagram has made in its app to make it more engaging is pushing video content, this means that users will now see more and more video related content, since videos are believed to be much more engaging than photos this is a good step by the company.

Addressing this feature Instagram's head Adam Mosseri in a video, said that Instagram is now much more than only a photo sharing application, now it is an entertainment app with more than just photos. Instagram is trying harder each day to encourage content like articles, tweets and videos on its platform so that they become more diverse and are able to capture a bigger market share while also increasing engagement.

Instagram's head Adam Mosseri also said that in the following months they would experiment new things like including short videos from random accounts into users feed to push video content, apart from that he said that in the next few months they will develop a way to make the video experience on their app richer and immersive.

Instagram's efforts to compete with TikTok and increase its engagement might work since the company has a history of creating features that worked wonders and made the company a lot of revenue, however acquiring TikTok's market share and competing with it on the basis of engagement is not easy and in the future we will surely see a more heated competition between both the platforms.

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