TikTok Yet Again Takes the Lead in The List of the Most Downloaded Apps in June 2021

With the advancement in technology, the trend of app-dependence has greatly increased. Companies come up with different really cool applications for a whole lot of different purposes and while there are thousands of applications worldwide, some have managed to create a fixed place on the top of the charts. But what are these charts?

Almost every month, a company releases an estimated number of downloads of applications present on both the gaming and non-gaming category.

The report for the month of June was compiled by the Sensor Tower, which yet again shows the famous video making application TikTok has managed to cease the first position.

TikTok since its launch has managed to create a name and space for itself and for the longest time has showed the world that it deserves the spot rightly with all its latest features.

The most downloaded application for June 2021, TikTok had over 65 million installs, with Douyin in China being the country in the lead with the most number of downloads with a rate percentage of 13 percent followed behind by the Indonesian downloads of 12 percent.

While TikTok was on the top of the list, other well-known non-gaming applications were present in the top ten as well.

The ever famous Facebook was the runner up behind TikTok with 52 million installs globally. The countries with the most number of Facebook install percentage were India at 28 percent and USA at 7 percent.

Other applications on the top ten list were Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, CapCut while Zoom and Google Meet were also vividly seen among the list because of its extensive use during the pandemic times.

While this list was in the overall non-gaming application category it was also sub divided into the most downloads on Apple and Google Stores. While TikTok was seen as the number one on both the stores, the top five for Apple Store followed by TikTok were YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

For the Google Store, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger followed accordingly in ranks.

It's great to see applications doing so well in terms of usage and the increasing number of downloads show how well the applications have made themselves to be so that users can make their socializing and day to day tasks easier by using it.

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