TikTok Sets Restrictions to Some Categories for Influencer Brand Marketing

TikTok has proven to be a great place for brands marketing. Considering how the video making application has an audience of almost all age groups, it’s the best place for different brands despite whatever they sell to promote their products online.

However, though TikTok has proven to be rather beneficial for most brands in terms of their marketing strategy and sales, the video making application is now bringing about some changes in their policies.

Brands which are known to advertise almost daily on TikTok are now facing some strict restrictions.

The restrictions are being imposed for several categories. As of this May, TikTok has officially banned any financial companies, dating apps and live-video platforms to approach influencers on the application in regards to sponsored posts. Apart from this, though posts about movies and TV Shows were rather hyped on the platform, changes are being brought in those as well and now any TV Show or Movie which is restricted to the audience under the age of 15 will not be allowed to make a sponsored post on the platform.

Certain restrictions are also imposed for various brands but they differ from states to state and countries to countries. Apart from this while there are certain startups which are not allowed to ask creators and influencers on the application to post a video related to their product on the influencers account in regards to the new policy but can still hire an influencer to create a static post related to their application or product.

Though TikTok was proving to be a great marketing place for a lot of brands and in return the application was making a great revenue for itself as well, so the question arises what circumstances led the company to take such decisions of restricting certain categories on their application?

Well as we mentioned above, TikTok is a space where you can find users from all age groups and parts of the world. The application realized that it had a lot of younger audience on its application which had direct access to those paid influencing posts and that a lot of those posts were not age appropriate for a lot of young users.

Hence the tech giant issued this ban because currently it does not have a feature which limits influencers paid posts to reach a certain audience. However, the social giant promises to work on it so that it can make influencer marketing easier in the future once age restriction is implemented in it.

It is great to see TikTok being so aware about its audience and what impacts the paid marketing can lead to for some young minds and we are glad to notice the social giant working to bring change.

Photo: Mike Blake / Reuters
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