TikTok Enters A Partnership With Vimeo Under Its Marketing Partner Program

Vimeo and TikTok have entered a partnership, allowing the latter to wield the former's editing tools, helping businesses build sharper-looking advertisements.

This recent partnership falls under TikTok's slowly growing Marketing Partner Program, a project under which the short form video sharing platform collaborates with other brands in order to form a smooth advertising experience for other third parties on the platform. The program draws from the expertise of the partners, updating TikTok's interface to become more advertiser friendly in the process. For example, its partnership with Byte added further AR effects to TikToks on the platforms, allowing brands to make better looking advertisements. With that having been explained, let's take a look at what Vimeo offers.

Vimeo's known for being a video sharing platform, but much of their revenue is generated from SaaS (Software as a Service) activities. Essentially, this means that the developers lend Vimeo's video production capabilities to other platforms and companies, for a fee of course. And that is sort of what's happening under its partnership with TikTok, except for a bit longer. Vimeo will be lending its video producing and editing assets to advertisers on TikTok, allowing them to make better looking ads much more easily. The feature's already been tested out with a select few companies as well, and their ads have reportedly seen a 50% higher click-through rate.

While that number's impressive, let's still take a look at how effective this strategy will be. Generally, its understood that better looking video quality will equal to more clicks and attention from viewers. And while this is very true for almost every other platform, TikTok might be an exception. Sure, ads get more initial clicks due to the novelty of high-quality production sneaking in on the platform, but ultimately, that level of video enhancement doesn't really have a place there. TikTok is very recognizably a platform of lower-quality, short videos that get attention due to their snappy nature. No overdone visual effects, no reliance on anything more than a few basic cuts and the filters that the platform provides. Higher quality ads might even be alienated on the platform, with users easily recognizing, and accordingly, steering away from them. Ads always have to be approachable, and this would make them the opposite of that.

Ultimately, however, one can't argue with results. A 50% increased click-through rate is impressive by any stretch. And with over 19 partners under its program, it doesn't seem like TikTok easing up on the pedal. Let's just wait and see where this takes us all.

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