Wondershare Filmora X for Mac: Update Highlights with AI Portrait, AR Stickers, and More

Developed by Wondershare, Filmora X is one of the most popular and advanced video editing tools that is used on Mac and Windows systems. Recently, it has come up with a brand-new version of Filmora X for Mac with tons of advanced options. Therefore, we decided to check the new features of this video editing Mac application and have come up with a review of these major updates. Without much ado, let’s get into details and know what more you can do with Filmora X for Mac.

What’s new in Wondershare Filmora X for Mac?

Compared to its previous version, the Filmora X video editing Mac application has added the following new features:

AI Portrait

These days, video editors are getting smarter, and Wondershare Filmora X is no such exception. The video editor has integrated advanced Artificial Intelligent features that can automatically remove the background for any portrait video.

Since this is an automatic feature, you don’t need to take the assistance of a green screen or chroma key to manually remove a video’s background. The inbuilt AI tool will do it for you by instantly removing the background, letting you focus on the human portrait. 

To access this option, you just have to add your video to its timeline and go to Effect > AI Portrait. Here, you can check different options for AI Portrait offered by Filmora X (like Human Noise, Human Border, Human Glitch, Human Pixelate, and Human Segmentation). You can just select any AI mode from here and get its instant preview on the side. There are also numerous options to adjust and customize these effects to get the desired video editing results on Mac.

It would be an extremely helpful feature for content creators of all kinds. Let’s say you are working on a video presentation, gaming tutorial, or any educational video. With this option, you can instantly remove the background of your videos and focus on your gameplay or the video lecture instead.

Filmora X has certainly taken a leap with this feature. When we compare it with other video editors for Mac, we discover that only a few editors have a similar feature in the market (while a lot of editing apps lack this option).

Video Editors

AI Portrait Feature

Wondershare Filmora X  


Can automatically detect human face and remove background in portrait videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro


Manual outline portrait option only 


Not Supported


Not Supported

Corel video studio

Not Supported  

AR Stickers

To add animation in Mac videos and make them more appealing, you can also access this newly added feature in Filmora X. The video editor now offers tons of inbuilt AR stickers that you can instantly add to human faces and make them stand out.

The tool can automatically detect a human face in your videos and would let you add all sorts of stickers. There are 40 different kinds of stickers in Filmora X for Mac for animals, characters, accessories, and so on. 

To add these AR stickers, you just have to drag and drop them to your video (on the timeline). It will automatically detect a human face in your video and would add these AR stickers on it that you can preview on the right panel. With this option, you can certainly make your videos more fun and visually appealing.

Newly-added Stock Media

If you like to create and edit all kinds of videos, then you might already know how important stock media is. Apart from integration with Filmstock, the new features will let you download media from several other stock sources. For instance, you can search for any media from stock sources like Pixabay, Unsplash, and Giphy on the native interface of Filmora X. Later, you can directly download the media from Filmora X and easily include it in your videos. Needless to say, this would certainly save a lot of time and resources for video editing in Mac.

Auto Reframe

Filmora for Mac has also come up with a highly advanced Auto Reframe technology that can automatically detect a focal point of a video and crop it accordingly.

With this feature, you can instantly crop unwanted segments of the video and focus on the essential parts. Let’s say there is a moving object in your video that you want to focus on. All you need to do is visit the Auto Reframe option in Filmora X and it will automatically detect the object and crops it. 

You can also select an aspect ratio of your choice (like 1:1, 16:9, 9:16, and so on) to get the right fit of the video to be posted on various social media platforms. Since this is only available in professional editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro so far, it has made Filmora X evolve into an advanced editing tool.

Motion Tracking

The new update of Filmora X for Mac has also made it easier for us to track any object in our videos. With its inbuilt motion tracking feature, you can automatically track any moving object in a video. Besides that, the editor has also included hundreds of effects and cool elements that you can integrate with the moving object to make your video look more interesting.

Direct Import from Photo Library

Mac users already know how resourceful the Photo Library app is. Now, Filmora X has also integrated the Photo Library feature to let you instantly import your photos or videos for editing.

Users can simply go to the Resources section of the application to browse the available photos/videos and quickly import them from the Photo Library. This would let users instantly add media files to their Filmora X projects and start editing in a jiffy.

There you go! I’m sure that after getting to know about the new features of Filmora, you must be willing to give this video editor for Mac a try. Apart from options like stock media integration, auto reframe, and motion tracking, features like AI Portrait and AR Stickers certainly stood out for us. These advanced options will help you save time in video editing on Mac and make your content look more appealing to your audience.
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