This New Chrome Feature Can Optimize Your Tabs

Doing research online can often start with you opening up a search engine and then opening the results that you get in numerous tabs so that you can slowly go through them and figure out what you should incorporate into your project or any other task at hand. Sorting through these tabs can be a huge nightmare, and losing them would arguably be even worse.

Google Chrome attempted to resolve this issue by enabling users to group tabs together, and it appears the tech company is adding a new flag to Chrome that would enable you to save these groups of tabs into your bookmarks bar. As reported by u/Leopeva64-2, you will also get the chance to sync tab groups which would be a great way to streamline your research process and make it easier to ascertain what the right information would be for you to focus on.

A bunch of other features are being thrown into the mix as well. One such feature is the ability to open a bookmark directly into a tab group, and Google is also working on a feature that would enable you to pin a tab group as well. This can be perfect for someone that is working on a big, overarching project that they want to pin the research for, and what’s more is that it will help you to keep tabs that will always be relevant to you front and center where you will always be able to see them.

Tab icons are another thing that Google seems to be working on, and all of these features can come together to greatly maximize Google’s ability to incorporate a much more streamlined and seamless experience for Chrome users. Tab organization is clearly a high priority for Chrome, something that might be spurred on further by the rise of browsers that are being made by Google’s big name competitors.

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