Instagram is working on a new floating button which will work everywhere on the app

Social media applications are now an important part of almost everyone’s life. Everyday a new application is released and make things tough for other competitors. To keep a hold of their users and to make sure their users keep receiving the best and most accessible features, new updates keep coming in.

Facebook being the social media giant as well as the owner of Instagram and WhatsApp is always busy working on new features for its applications. Recently Instagram has been busy working on features that are either already in process or have been rolled out. According to Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is working on another new feature that will make things more accessible while chatting. This new feature will enable users to directly call the contacts in their direct message section. This also includes a floating message option as well. Just like the one provided by its parent company, Facebook’s Messenger. This floating message option or chat head alike feature will provide 3 different options to its users while using the application. These options will include sending an emoji, starting a video call with a friend or chatting with them directly.

Such features are now becoming more frequent for the application. They have been working on Direct Messages for a long time. From introducing changing theme option to providing a Vanish Mode feature for a more personal conversation. Instagram also activated new features to make chatting more fun by introducing Gift like messages or burning messages etc. Updates like this are a proof that Instagram is always under observation and is updated whenever a new feature is found to be in demand .

According to Alessandro, this new chat feature is still in its early test trial. It can be expected that not all users are being able to access it and may take some time before it rolls out globally. This could be one of those features that will be common between Facebook’s Messenger and Instagram. Previously, Instagram received its own Room feature as well that was released for Messenger at the first place.

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