The new changes to Google Chrome will help users to stay focused as it will not distract them during screen-sharing with annoying notifications

There is no doubt that people get irritated when they are trying to stay focused on their work but see a bunch of notifications coming on their screen to distract them. Especially during the COVID-19 people have started working more online and it has become inevitable to launch such tools for the sharing of the screen during the work which do not spam notifications so that people get divert. People can also share their work through Google Meet or MS Team. However, Chrome is bringing some of the coolest changes to help people keep on their track.

Google is experimenting on its Chrome browser to dismiss notifications while the screen recording or sharing is on. Chrome said that it aims to lessen the notifications disruptions from the screen of the user. However, users already had the option to dumb the content so that they do not view them during their work but the problem was that the card could slip into the vision of users’ presentation which can get users diverted. Chrome has now included the latest Snooze option for notifications with cards that will hide the notifications from the screen until users stop the recording of screen work. After finishing the recording, all notifications will appear so that users do not miss any alerts. This latest option will endure being entirely clear to websites. If you are interested in testing this feature try using latest version of Chrome Canary (93 and above) and enable this flag chrome://flags/#mute-notification-snooze-action to see this feature in action (but there's no guarantee that it'll work as the feature is in the development phase).

Earlier, the Chrome browser used to eradicate all the alerts from the screen when users turn on the screen recording but the browser could not fix the cards which get people irritated but now the upcoming update will make their job easier. Users who regularly record their screen need to go to enable the above mentioned flag to turn on the disruption-free experience.

It is a good step by the company because many students are taking online classes, submitting their presentations, and many office workers are attending their meetings and at least the upcoming option will help them to stay on their track while sharing the screen work instead of going for the do not disturb way.

However, the company has not yet confirmed the wider roll out date of this change, but still, it is hoped that it will be launched soon. Google still needs to create a default option for hiding notifications especially when people are recording their desktop screens instead of every time users have to go to the option to enable it.

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