Survey Shows Social Media Actually Improves Romantic Relationships

The general opinion that people tend to have on social media is that it ends up having a negative impact on the romantic relationships that various couples might share with one another. This assumption likely comes from the image of the uncaring partner not really listening to his spouse because of the fact that he is far too immersed into scrolling through his favorite social media platform, or vice versa if the gender roles were reversed.

However, it is important to note that a recent survey (though on small scale) revealed that the exact opposite might be true. This survey was conducted by CenturyLinkQuote, and 68% of the people that responded to this survey said that social media did in fact have an impact on their relationship. 75% of respondents said that social media enabled them to keep the memories of the good times that they might have shared with their significant other, and a little over half (54% to be precise) said that it helped them maintain a long distance relationship.

The notion that social media is bad for relationships is predicated on the assumption that it prevents you from truly interacting with people. Quite on the contrary, it has the potential to enable you to form closer bonds with people because you can interact with them even if you are not physically close to them and the interactions are more casual than the rather dedicated conversations that occur during phone calls or text messages.

That said, too much of anything is undisputedly bad, and suffice it to say that overuse of social media will most likely have a negative impact on any and all relationships. Using the platforms properly is what will give rise to closer and more intimate relationships, and this is what couples should ideally go for.

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