Instagram is testing a new user interface for change password screen and an updated iOS share sheet for contacts suggestion

Facebook owned Instagram is famous for adding or updating features on its platform. Ever since the application crossed the 1 billion barrier, these features are now being added or modified more frequently.

2021 witnessed a lot of changes in this application from brining option to hide likes on a post to adding a story translation feature. Once again there are rumors that Instagram is busy working on suggesting contacts for iOS share sheet as well as planning a new user interface for changing password screen.

Last month Instagram updated their explore page. This was done to make sure that reel tabs are accessible with explore page. This is why the feed is no longer at its previous position and was displaced by a separate reel tab.

This User Interface update was last seen in 2020 to assist users in finding things that are more related to there interests. The second UI update came in the second quadrant of 2021 after Reels were introduced globally following the TikTok ban in India. And now, it seems like another UI update could be happening which will modify the interface for changing password section. As posted by Alessandro Paluzzi on his Twitter account, moving forward Instagram will suggest Instagrammers to use "more than 6 characters and include a combination of numbers, letters and special characters (!@#$%)", plus that screen will also inform users about the date of their last updated password.

Another tweet posted by Alessandro showed that Instagram may also be busy working on a new feature for their iOS users on their share sheet. This share sheet is a place which groups all the frequently contacted contacts of a user so they can easily choose whom to send a post or anything. This may have increased accidental messages as well and there are ways through which it can be controlled. Since Instagram is also able to get in the Share Sheet, it seems like they might come up with an updated version which will be more users friendly.

The details for these two new updates are still not available and currently they can be called as rumours but it seems like there are chances that these two features might start running on this social media platform sooner.

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