Report Reveals that Your Age Can Determine How Likely You Are to Get Targeted by Cybercriminals

Though the advancement in technology has helped the world in so many aspects one things that is a draw back for sure in this is the increasing amount of cybercrimes. While, crimes were limited to house robberies and thefts in the olden days, the immense advancement and use in the online community has directed the means of theft and crimes through the internet as well.

In order to see the ratio of all types of cybercrimes that take place each year, FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) branch puts forward a cybercrime report each year and if you compare all the reports from the previous year to the one in 2020, the results seem astonishing as the 2020 report shows the most crimes ever recorded with 791,790 which is almost 45 percent of $4.2 billion dollars lost to cybercrime.

Though Covid is one of the reasons for increasing cybercrimes, but that is not the only one because since 2016 each year the rate ratio has only increased.

The reports by IC3 cover ID theft and fraud along the list of cybercrimes because it is a part of online scamming these days. However, though ID theft were seen in a large number in 2020, the best way for criminals to earn money is through compromising business emails through which they can earn around $96,373. Though phishing is one of the most used methods of cybercrimes, it is used the most because it is the easiest and not because it helped to make a lot of money. The most a cybercriminal can make through phishing is 225 dollars.

Also, though compromising business emails make hackers earn a lot more money, normal emails don’t and a better way for them to earn more compared to emails is through phone calls which helps them earn almost $1,170 compared in regards of the 200 dollars they can make though mails.

A report from SecurityORG also published the fact that you are more likely to get hacked, or targeted for cybercrimes if you are someone over 40. What the report actually said was that the older generation you are from the more likely you are to get targeted. This may be because of the fact that the younger generations are more aware of how the things on the internet works while it is easier to make the older ones who don’t know a lot about the techniques of the cyber world lure into a trap of target.

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