These Are the Most In-demand Cybersecurity Careers You Should Go For in the Next 5 Years

Getting a career in information technology (IT) sector is generally something that can ensure that you would always have some kind of gainful employment that you can end up relying on, and the good news here is that you can always figure out which field would be the best for you to enter based on how fast it is growing. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that some IT fields are growing faster than others, and the field that is looking to grow the most over the course of the next five years would be application development security.

Application security ensures that an application does not have any flaws in it that could be taken advantage of, and it is expected to grow by a massive 160% over the next have decade or so. If you are thinking changing jobs, looking into becoming an application security professional might be quite worthwhile since there currently appears to be a great deal of scope in this role which means that you would have a high likelihood of obtaining a really well paying job.

Cloud security, risk management and threat intelligence are all highly valuable roles as well, seeing a 115%, 60% and 41% bump over the next five years respectively. This seems to indicate that for the most part people that want to get into IT these days should try their best to specialize in fields that are related to security and the like. Cyber security is a very hot button issue right now, which means that careers in this field are going to end up becoming ever more valuable as time goes by. The best thing about these careers is that they can often allow you to work from home which is something that you might have gotten used to due to the pandemic.

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