KeepSolid launches DNS Firewall as a Standalone App

In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in DNS attacks. The 2020 DNS Global Threat survey reveals that around 79% of respondents face DNS attacks at some point. In light of these vulnerable circumstances, there is also some good news: there are online security tools that can really make a difference when it comes to DNS security. One such tool is KeepSolid DNS Firewall that was launched today. It was previously part of the VPN Unlimited suite, but you can now use it as a standalone app.

What is KeepSolid DNS Firewall?

DNS Firewall is a network security application that blocks harmful content from making its way onto your computer. It shields the user from a variety of threats that are present online, such as:
  • Malware
  • Phishing links
  • Annoying popups
  • Unwanted or inappropriate content
KeepSolid DNS Firewall is a cross-platform application that works on Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS.

How DNS Firewall Works?

The working process of KeepSolid DNS Firewall is quite simple. This tool has a massive database of harmful websites, with hundreds of thousands of known websites so far.

When your browser requests a website, the KeepSolid DNS Firewall looks up the website address and matches it with its database. If the website is marked as harmful, the connection to it is blocked.

The good thing is that it automatically detects and analyzes all data sent and received from your device.

There are instances when a website might automatically redirect you to a harmful address without your knowledge. You might have noticed it when some annoying popups open on certain websites. KeepSolid DNS Firewall quickly responds to issues in real-time, without you having to analyze each address manually.

Benefits of DNS Firewall

On the surface, this application might seem like an ordinary firewall, but its benefits extend beyond that. Here are some reasons why you may want to check out KeepSolid DNS Firewall.

Security Layer:

KeepSolid DNS Firewall adds a security layer to your system, whether using it for personal or professional purposes. Cyber attacks are sadly a real threat these days. This tool makes sure that you do not become a victim.

Customized Controls:

The database of the KeepSolid DNS Firewall is divided into several sections, such as adult content, gambling, drugs, malware, social media, etc. You get customized controls over which section you want to block and which you want to permit.

Regular Updates:

Thousands of websites are added to KeepSolid DNS Firewall’s databases regularly. Therefore, you can remain at peace knowing that it is protecting you from the most updated and recent threats as well.

Workplace protection:

KeepSolid DNS Firewall is a good tool for administrators to make sure the systems within the workplace are protected. Employers can make sure that their employees aren’t visiting inappropriate or unauthorized websites while in the office.

Parental Monitor:

KeepSolid DNS Firewall would work for parents who want to keep their children protected from inappropriate content. Many parents want features to block adult content, drug and alcohol-related content, gambling websites, or inappropriate games to keep their children safe.

The Necessity of a DNS Security Service

As protective measures in cybersecurity are evolving, so are the security threats. For instance, there are over ten types of DNS attacks alone that are worrying business owners. These attacks affect both personal and business users by making the systems unable to function or by stealing private data. With the help of a dedicated DNS service such as DNS Firewall, you can prevent these attacks altogether.

A Little Bit About KeepSolid…

KeepSolid is a global provider of network security solutions with over 25M users. VPN Unlimited, SmartDNS, MonoDefense, and Passwarden are some of the offerings of KeepSolid.

DNS Firewall used to be an exclusive component of the KeepSolid VPN Unlimited package. However, now it is a standalone version of the application, which you can use without having to purchase the entire package.


There is no doubt that we are living in the Internet age, which makes our lives easier both in business and in our personal lives. However, services like DNS Firewall can function as a door to your house; you need it if you want to remain protected.

The pricing for DNS Firewall as a standalone application is the following:

1 month - $1.99

1 year - $9.99

Lifetime- $199.99
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