New report highlights list of top 10 apps in terms of downloads and sales generated by them

As analysis by AppAnnie shows, TikTok turned out to be the most installed app of 2021. During the month of April, May, and June, TikTok was downloaded in insane number. Whereas, YouTube stands on top in terms of sales generated by it. Which indicates that TikTok being the most downloaded app, was not able to generate sales as much as YouTube.

It is worthy to note that YouTube and HBO Max, both shared some rare significance. Both of these apps are the only apps that were listed on highest profitable apps list as well as on most installed apps list.

App Annie presented its trend analysis report which covers the top trending apps in the United States and all around the world. The history repeats itself as Facebook along with its three apps ruled the top 10 most downloaded apps list. In this particular category, TikTok is on top followed by YouTube and Facebook. After which HBO Max, Instagram, and Facebook messenger occupied the list. On seventh position is Snapchat, followed by ZOOM and Cash App. Netflix is the last one in the line.

However, as most profitable apps are concerned, the list is usually occupied by dating apps. On tenth position is Bumble App, ninth place is secured by Hulu. While, on the top of the list is YouTube as it makes the most money out of all. HBO Max, Tinder, Disney+, Google One are also among the profitable apps of 2021.

According to App Annie, the worldwide app market shattered its all-time spending milestone once again. At $34 billion, the second-quarter tally was about $7 billion higher than the second-quarter total in 2020 and $2 billion more than the first-quarter total in 2021.

App Annie additionally looked into how much hours a person probably waste on the phone and also found out whether it has diminished since the lockdowns of 2021 has ended in 2021.Surprisingly, there is also a disappointing information for those who believe that sitting in front of smartphones and staring on the screen for hours is not good for the body health as well as social existence.

All the additional hour people spent on their phones amid lockdown has essentially developed into a habit. The amount of time people waste using apps on a daily basis is absolutely enormous. And it's still increasing over 40% in nations like Russia and Turkey particularly in comparison to the same period last year.

Unexpectedly, the leading breakthrough business apps in the United States vary markedly from those in other nations, particularly Europe. Like PictureThis app and Poparazzi are among two apps in the United States which are growing significantly.
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