LinkedIn claims the alleged information of its users posted online is the result of data scrapping that is very difficult to control due to its sophistication, however, it is not a breach

There were many accusations on LinkedIn about the data hack of its users. During the first quarter of 2021, that personal scrapped information of approximately 500 million users of LinkedIn has been leaked online on many hacking forums. Two months ago the platform was alleged again that the personal data of its 700 million users have been posted online for auction. Many security experts said that that was the result of a violation of the security but the platform refused all the allegations about the breach and justified that it was the result of data scrapping. The platform has further tried to explain the operation of data scrapping so that it can gain the trust of users again and it has also highlighted some measures for users to defend themselves in the future.

After many reports about the hacking of data, the platform investigated the issue and stated that there was no occurrence of data breach and no private info of users has been leaked on the internet. However, the accessible info is scrapped from many websites including LinkedIn and it has already been published this similar information during the past year in its scrapping update report. Even though the platform has given various justifications but still, many users are not ready to trust it, therefore, the platform has explained the working of scrapping and further said that it has become more complex now but there are still, some cautions that users can use to avoid it.

The platform clarified that scrapping is not new. It has become much common recently and we mostly hear about the scrapping that is unauthorized that is against the rules of the platform which has ciphers and the automated group approaches to generate a large number of questions every second and dodge practical chunks so that information can be easily taken without the consent. The platform further explained that data can be gathered from various websites and it can also be used in many wrong ways, for instance, phishing scams. LinkedIn has cleared its point that it trying hard to stop the scrapping activities of its users on multiple sites and it also filed a case in the court but the court gave the judgment that the company cannot block the free available data on the data and any site is allowed to take data from the internet. That is also a major hurdle for the platform to stop these activities.

There are also some measures which the platform can take to restrict the access to the data of its users to reduce the number of scrapping, for instance, it can reduce the exploration in search engines but that will also shrink the service of LinkedIn. The platform is now facing many challenges to deal with the data of users to avoid scrapping. The platform has also given options to its users can hide their confidential profiles information and can also make some of the info accessible to all people. The people can also evaluate the information they have posted on the platform and can hide their private data if they do not want others to see it. The platform wants people to accept that scrapping will always exist because some amount of data is also obtainable on the internet.

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