MosaicLoader, the new malware is being promoted through search engine ads, designed to lure users looking for cracked software

Over the time, evolution in technology has greatly changed the outlook for the world and made our lives a lot different than our ancestors. However, though this evolution has greatly impacted us for the better one thing that has also occurred along with it is scamming and malware attacks.

Though, the increasing technology has made our lives easier it has also opened ways in which we can get attacked and while phishing and unpatched software was old news, a new way of getting your system malware infected has been discovered by Bitdefender.

MosaicLoader is a malware which is specifically designed to attack Windows Operating System Users and is promoted to users by hackers who sit behind computer screens, waiting for you to open a pirated website and then gain access to the private information of multiple users at the same time.

The question is how does this new detected malware affect us? Well, the malware is infected within the systems when users search pirated websites to download different software programs. On such pirated or cracked software websites, advertisements are common and that is where this malware is hidden. While, websites sell spaces for advertisements all the time, no one in their right mind could have imagined that such advertisements lead to hidden malicious malware and hence because of this a lot of times downloads of such malwares goes undetected by us.

However, majority of the systems have antivirus tools specifically built to detect websites which can be a threat containing such malwares, so how come users aren’t protected by it?

The answer is that though, this malware can easily be detected by an antivirus identification software, most of the times users who are accessing these tools through pirated websites have their systems security defenses turned off and hence when this new malware attacks their system, it goes unnoticed.

This malware named MosaicLoader, is not only capable of infecting your system in one but several ways. It has the potential to download various different kinds of malwares within your system, one dangerous being Glupteba which is capable of stealing users' sensitive information like usernames, passwords and even financial account details. Hence users should stay alert about what enters their systems.

According to a survey, users who work from home are more likely to download software from pirated websites and in turn are more likely to be threatened by this malware compared to those workers that work at an office.

Hence, it is advised to all users to download files from authentic websites and not to turn off their antivirus system protection software’s at any cost.

Photo: Tommaso79 / Getty Images/iStockphoto

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