According to Facebook, the problem of misleading information and racism can never be solved completely, as some ratio will always remain on its platform

There is no doubt that racism and an increasing amount of fake information is the biggest problem of all social media platforms especially Facebook as this platform has been accused many times of not combating these issues entirely. Recently, the president of the US also accused Facebook by saying that the platform is “killing people” by spreading distorted information, though later he softens its stance. However, the Chief Executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and the executive of Instagram Adam Mosseri have almost given the same statement that it is nearly impossible to eliminate these issues completely.

The CEO of Facebook responded to the comments of the president of the US by saying that combating misleading information is just like combating crime in a region or city, where everyone knows that you cannot fully mitigate the crime ratio, 100%. It is simple to understand this point as the duty of the police is to keep the crime ratio to the lowest level and whenever a crime happens in the city, you cannot say that the department of police has failed.

The CEO further said that what we suppose is the veracity of the structure and the department of police, and you will do a great work of assisting to discourage and catch the evil things when they occur and then keep it to the lowest ratio, and keep pushing the trend in the right way and be in the lead of further problems too.

The executive of Instagram also gave the statement in the video that racism has absolutely not acceptable and it neither has any place on this platform. Further, he said that everyone on the platform should feel safe and secure and the platform is trying its best to eliminate the content related to hate speech. He further added to his point that still some racism will always remain on the platform because racist persons still exist in the world and the platform does not check the level of their racism when they try to open the door of the platform.

The executive also said that what their platforms can do is to provide some instruments to the victims of that harassment so that they can guard themselves. Further, the platform is trying its best to reduce these issues near to zero percent. It is not an easy job to moderate the most famous and extensive social media platform in the world, especially during the situation when the platform is dealing with a lot of pressures from Govt officials and lobbyists. According to the statement of both executive of Facebook and its owned platform, raise questions that it is very hard to operate such a platform that is used by billions of users globally.

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