LinkedIn joins the EU code of conduct to curb the problem of hate speech on its platform

What is one social platform that comes to your mind as soon as you think of the word ‘professional’, well it surely is the Microsoft’s subsidiary ‘LinkedIn’, the platform was made for serving as a social channel for the corporate world and has done its job quite well so far, people all over the world use it for all professional reasons be it corporate networking, finding jobs, learning new skills or just looking up information the social site is the go to for every corporate worker. The site has been operating for a long time and now has a total of around 740 million users, the company is a subsidiary of Microsoft and due to its large user base generates a big amount of revenue.

The company has been operating smoothly ever since its launch in 2003, however like every other business LinkedIn has also faced some struggles, one recent problem the company was facing was the presence of things like hate speech, bullying and the spread of wrong information, LinkedIn users have faced many such problems while using the platform. Problems like hate speech and bullying did caused the platform to lose it credibility and decrease the interest of users from the platform thus decreasing the user count so this was a problem that needed to be solved.

LinkedIn being a company that effectively solves the problems that are faced by its users, came up with a solution for this problem, the solve the problem of online hate speech the platform joined the EU’s code of conduct. The EU’s code of conduct are core principals or guide lines which are aimed at making the internet a place safe from bullying and hate speech.

LinkedIn’s parent company Microsoft has been associated with the EU’s code of conduct for a long time and it was expected that LinkedIn will soon follow

With the statement that announced the joining of LinkedIn, the company said that the platform is a space where people come to connect together and find new learning and growth opportunities, thus the economic climate of the platform does not tolerate things like hate speech, moreover the company also said that it is their responsibility to make their platform a safe place for its users.

Now under the EU’s code of conduct LinkedIn will have much a stricter behavior towards hate speech and any user that bullies or uses hate speech against other users, will be penalized.

After LinkedIn joined the EU’s code of conduct, Justice commissioner Didier Reynders called upon other such social platforms to come and join the EU code of conduct so that they can make the internet a place that does not support things like bullying and hate speech and is safe for all to use.

Sources: European Commission / LinkedIn.

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