iOS users have recently discovered that the Google Search app has a secret pinball game, here is how you can activate it

Some users have recently found an exciting pinball game on Google Search application on iOS devices that enable people to pass their boring time by playing a cool game. There are innumerable hidden features (AKA Easter eggs) on the products of the company, some of them are online and others are in several apps but this specific pinball game is apparently available on iOS devices only and people can play this while they are online or even when they are offline. For people who are excited to try this game need to take some of the steps in order to play.

First of all, people must confirm that they have downloaded the updated version of the Google Search application from the official App Store, and then open it, hit the button of “Tabs” appearing in the lowest right place. Tap recurrently on the option, after a moment, users will be able to see shapes rising from the bottom side of the device screen, once they are started to be looked at on the screen, start swiping up, and then you are entered into this fun game.

Many Android user are familiar with these kinds of Easter eggs as the company has been making this as the interactive part of the operating system for quite a while. However, some iOS users have recently posted on social media platform particularly on YouTube, Twitter and Reddit forum that Google has succeeded to snitch into an Easter egg into iOS search application. For those users who want to get some details about the entertaining game, it has many stages, points, and even 3 lives so players can try going far as much as they can.

The interesting thing is this game is not tricky at all so even kids can easily play this game as well with any side of the screen performing as a trigger. You do not need to use both of your hands while playing; you can even enjoy this game single-handedly by retorting to a mid-tap and then striking the chunks several times to break and then carry on. “Star” powers up and makes the pinball even larger and players can even try more than one ball while hitting the blocks as it can help to spend a good time. However, this exclusive game is only on iOS devices yet and it is still not discovered on Android.

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