Instagram ‘Reels’ to start supporting 60 seconds videos

While almost all social media giants were focusing on newer updates and features to attract new users, they were all missing out on an amazing market and that was ‘short length videos’. TikTok creators saw this opportunity and came out with their application, that was entirely based on short videos. The app was an instant success and in no time captured a large market. As of now TikTok is third on the list of most popular apps and is constantly growing. It was TikTok’s short length content, that allowed the application to capture such a large part of the social media market. After TikTok was released, viewers loved to scroll endlessly through short span videos, the short video format also allowed TikTok to hold viewer’s attention much more effectively while also making the viewer spend a large amount of time on the app.

The success of TikTok sure did opened the eyes of other social media giants towards short length video. A lot of different social application released features that were exactly like TikTok. Facebook owned ‘Instagram’ is amongst one app that released a feature to compete TikTok and named it Reels.

Reels have had several updates since its release and has started to get popular amongst Instagram users. Recently Instagram is working on another interesting reels update. The new update would allow creators to use caption stickers on their Reels. The caption stickers would make Reels usable for people with hearing disabilities. TikTok already has a similar caption sticker feature.

Another change that this update will bring with it self is the introduction of 60 seconds videos on Reels. The change will surely give creators on Reels a whole lot of freedom than the previous 30 second time frame and users will get to see much more interesting content. A lot of other platforms such as YouTube shorts and Snapchat spotlight also support 60 seconds videos.

To make 60 seconds long reels, you would have to click on the ‘create a new reel’ button and then press the down button which will bring out the options menu. Once on the option menu, you would have to click the length button which will give you options to create a 15, 30 or 60 second reel.

TikTok recently allowed its users to create 3-minute-long videos and Instagram’s 60 seconds update followed right after. This made a lot of people think that Instagram is once again copying TikTok and giving out updates similar to them.

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