Twitter Obliges to a public demand for a notification option to let them know of banned, locked and suspended accounts

Twitter is probably the most favorite app for a lot of users considering how the platform lets users express their feelings and vocalize their voices in the forms of words under a given number of characters.

The company realizes that it has been a user favorite and hence makes sure it takes all the steps necessary to let it be a safe space for users hence it recently upgraded its content moderation tool and has since blocked and temporary disabled numerous accounts continuing hate speech or simply stuff which goes against the applications guidelines.

However, one thing which the users complained about was the fact that the platform did not have a system to notify them about their usage suspension and temporary or permanent bans and hence it became Twitter’s next goal to achieve.

Users said that they never realize that their accounts have been banned up until they try to like a tweet or follow someone, inability of which gives them a sense of what happened and according to them that needed to change.

So Twitter being the user friendly app it is, decide to take the ideas of their users under consideration and is now testing a new feature.

The new feature will notify users through a pop up banner that because of their previous act which potentially violated the applications policy, users will not be able to like, tweet or retweet content on the application, however this will still allow them to scroll through the app.

In case, the violated policy is severe, users will be notified of a lock account, however it will still be temporary and access will be regained after a week.

In case of extreme violation severity users will face a permanent locked account and the banner will guide them towards a company appeal process through which they can request an appeal of reconsideration.

This new feature will come in handy for both the company and the users as while previously users did not know why and if their accounts were banned, the pop up banner will notify them of both that their account was banned and why was it banned in the first place.

It will also help the company because sometimes, accounts get banned without any issue so when users will cast an appeal for reconsideration, Twitter HQ can take a look again at the problem to check if it was a system error.

Twitter is a great place to vent out at and it is nice see the company working so hard to ensure that the space users come to express their feelings remains safe and works according to guidelines it has ensured.

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