Instagram is making sure no young user uses the platform; Facebook promises to roll out an Instagram for children soon

Facebook announced a while back how it will launch a children-friendly version of the platform targeted for users below the age of 13.

The earlier news of the launch of a kid version of Instagram received quite the lash out as angry adults claimed that a new platform targeted specifically for children will expose them to all the misdemeanors that they have yet to see. They argued that evils like body shaming and endless scrolling will seep its way in this version as well, as in the end it will remain a 'version' of Instagram, no matter who it was made for.

Facebook argued the case by informing users about how there is already a large audience of under-aged users hidden behind the screen using the platform; however due to the foolproof techniques, they are difficult to spot. To prevent this, Facebook decided to create a platform meant for these users solely. Since they will have a place of their own with the appropriate environment and parental control, it would be a much safer option. However, if there are so many restrictions placed on the new version, which kid would want to leave their secret hideout on the exciting older version and join the kiddie one?

Facebook claims the making of the application and the publication is going to take eons of effort, however the result is surely going to be worth it. The tech giant says it won't back down and will surely create a version safe for kids under 13.

As for kids under 18 and above 13, Instagram is making sure to create a positive and safe environment in the already existing app. To ensure that, it is going to focus on three primary aims to limit the exposure these youngsters get. The first is to default their accounts into private ones. When a younger user joins the platform, his account will automatically be switched to a private one so that the photos contained within their account will be subjected to a limited audience while being protected from potential harassers in the comment section.

Secondly, Instagram plans to make accounts belonging to younger users harder to find by potentially suspicious users. By these 'suspicious users', Instagram means any account that has been reported in the past, specially by a young user. This will make it harder for harassers to find young people to pry on, keeping them safe from such exposure.

Lastly, Instagram will limit the reach of advertisers to the younger audience to keep them hidden from unwanted ads. Oftentimes ads contain all kinds of content, which might now always be suitable for a younger audience. To prevent younger users from exploring regions which they shouldn't, or getting unwanted ad prompts, Instagram will limit the options advertisers have to reach such a young user base.

Instagram is also focusing on digging up all the underage users through reports made of such accounts along with the AI. Users below the required age will immediately be removed from the platform along with the help of various experts as well.

We hope Facebook's initiative to build a safer place for these youngsters will be a success so they can finally commit to a single platform instead of staying hidden in places they shouldn't be. It is impossible to keep children away from social media hence coming up with such alternatives is indeed the best solution at the moment.

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