Facebook secures the platform by rolling out protection assessment of data meant for app developers

Social media is all about having a secure and safe experience with the number of illicit activities increasing day by day. In such times, Facebook sees it as a huge responsibility to secure it's users' data, considering it is the largest platform to date.

The product marketing director of Facebook confirmed the launch of yet another privacy initiative, one meant to secure the Facebook data taken by developers when installing an app. This shows the platform's dedication to keep its users safe and secure from any third-party misdemeanors. Facebook claims the new update is one step of the many being taken now and in the future to secure people's privacy. The platform considers it a collective responsibility that it shares with the developers.

This new feature is basically a questionnaire meant for the developers of apps that ask to access additional information from Facebook. The questionnaire consists of all the basics one should know when giving out data. How the data will be used, why a particular section is needed, when will the data come into use, or where it will be implied are all in the questionnaire.

Furthermore, the feature also includes the privacy policies and the implementation of those. These are the ones that will be implemented by the third-party applications. We speculate Facebook will also give these developers a thorough review of the platform's policies just to make sure they stay on track.

For apps that require much more sensitive data, Facebook is going to roll out even stricter policies. The platform claims it will ask for evidence. For instance, the platform could ask to take a look at the contractual information, third-party data certification (which is a must), and an explanation of all the ways that users could ask for their data to get deleted.

Of course, this is different from the Data-base checkup and App review. Data-base checkup is an annual survey to ensure that applications are in compliance with Facebook's policies and the data being taken is according to what Facebook has allowed, while App review is a secure entrance to Facebook's permission policies that requires an application for when an app requires data.

All three of these policies combined are going to make the Facebook security system pretty iron-clad and are bound to sweep the users' trust. The importance given to these policies is a little dubious considering Facebook itself has been involved in certain scandals, claiming that the platform steals user data to improve its marketing policies. While the launch of the new feature may force thousands to speculate, it may also reduce the suspicions clouding on the platform.

With the new feature rolling out at the end of July, Facebook gets ready to provide users the most secure experience ever.

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