Here are Some Changes That YouTube is Making for Creators

YouTube creators are the very basis on which the company has managed to get to where it is today, so the platform often makes changes in order to make it so that creators can be given a bit more control over their content as well as the conversations that this content starts. One really important experiment that the platform is currently conducting has to do with giving creators the ability to set up to three guidelines that can be used to exert control over their comment sections.

This is ostensibly being done for the purposes of enabling creators to avoid nasty comment sections which have become worryingly frequent of late. Another feature that follows a similar trajectory that was previously only available on desktop is the ability to filter out comments that would be held for review in a separate tab. This also facilitated creators finding comments that seemed to be of particular importance to them, and the fact that this feature is now coming to mobile versions of YouTube Studio as well means that an expanded range of creators will be able to utilize it in order to avoid having to read hurtful comments and the like.

Creators and viewers alike often complain about channel mentions in video descriptions, with the primary complaint here being that tapping or clicking on the mention navigates you away from the video that is currently being watched. This hurts creator viewership and also makes it difficult for users to have a consistent experience as well, so in order to address these concerns interacting with a channel mention will now open a card while the video continues to play in the background. This is being done in the hopes that it will create a more seamless experience and improve viewer stats for creators to boot so it is a win-win for all concerned parties.

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