Google Search Exec’s Blog Post on Google News Inclusion Offers Vague Insights For SEO Experts

Google has become the gatekeeper for content online in a lot of ways, and whether or not you like the fact that this is the case this is something that you would most definitely want to end up contending with if you truly want people to take the type of content that you are creating as seriously as possible. A big thing for people that create news content is getting included in the Google News feed, and this is something that people are often confused about.

However, it is important to note that a Google executive by the name of Danny Sullivan attempted to dispel at least some of this confusion through the creation of a blog post on Google Search Central/Developer. While the intentions behind creating this blog post might seem pure to some, it should be noted that not everyone is going to be all that satisfied with the answers they have been given in this regard. Still, we feel that it is important to take stock of any and all information that Google sends our way, so we will dive deep into the blog post to uncover the info that people might be on the lookout for.

If there is one piece of information that can truly appear to be relatively crystal clear at least in some way, shape or form, it is that you won’t get any information about whether or not your site has been added to Google News through site command. While it is frustrating that the only truly useful piece of information that Google has given is about what you can’t do with one of their features, it will regardless help people to focus on sources of information that can actually be a little more useful in the future.

The main problem with how Google News is working these days is that you can no longer submit your content to be included in the platform. Google is instead going to be using its algorithm to add content automatically because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up streamlining the process on their end. Being at the mercy of a Google algorithm is never good news for any kind of content creator though which is something that virtually everyone that’s currently working on YouTube would agree with as well.

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of this blog post might be the fact that Google seems to be completely refusing to acknowledge the kinds of problems that the algorithm is causing for various content creators that might currently be out there. This blog post simply reiterated statements encouraging users to make use of the Google Publishing platform as well as the Search Console, both of which have been widely known to not really provide the kind of information that people would have wanted from such a thing.

Another thing that Google failed to address is what the criteria is for getting news added to the Google News platform. Many content creators find that their sites simply don’t get added to the platform at all despite their adherence to the rules and regulations that they have surmised based on Google’s behavior. The fact that Google is refusing to give details as to why a particular site might have been rejected for inclusion on Google News is something that will continue to frustrate people, but the unfortunate truth is that Google has an absolute monopoly in this regard and there is not all that much that people can do to change it.

This further shows the importance of oversight by a third party that might be forthcoming about the information that people require about such matters.

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