Report Reveals Tricks to Uplift Your Brand Reach and Audience On Instagram as The Marketing Strategy On the Social Network Changes in 2021

With the changing times, the ways people interact online also changes and hence with the evolution in technology, consumer trends and mediums, the marketing strategy of brands should also evolve.

With the implementation of lockdown, 2020 became a very tough year for people with a lot of us spending a larger portion of our time on Instagram and hence a lot of people shopped online from there. Hence a team from Mention teamed up with Hubspot to analyze over 100 million public posts, from a million users, to establish key trends and shifts in Instagram user engagement and concluded a report (along with an infographic) which will help brands to understand how they can increase the engagement and drive people towards their products and services.

The report however does notify that not every generic trend will align with what and that brands can thoroughly see through this to analyze what they lack and where improvements can be made.

In 2020, the most leading posts had got to be video post, however 2021 changed a few things and Carousel posts became the thing and overtook both static and video posts. The new norm on the carousel posts that was observed was somewhere between 62 likes and 5 comments.

Smaller accounts are seen growing rather better in 2021 and finding new ways to find audiences than compared to the account growths in 2020.

Captions also play a huge role in driving people towards the products and the brand. Small captions do not quest the questions people have enough while reading long posts make people bored. The survey concluded that the best caption length with the overall most engagement was observed with captions between the length of 1000 to 2000 characters.

The survey apart from just giving key points on what is trending also gave accounts and brands some advises on how they can do better. According to the report, brands and users should always make sure to complete their Instagram profiles. This means that your bio should be filled with keywords that represent your brand relevantly as well as owners should also create IG stories and create posts with easy to scroll guide.

Apart from this, brands should also be interactive with their audiences and be responsive in replying to their comments and DMs. Instant replies make customers feel important.

Lastly, the brands profile should be aesthetic but diverse. Posting content with different videos, static images stories, IG TV and even Reels make people attracted to the brands.

If you are a brand or service whose reach and following has been rather dull lately try out these tips and tricks and we are sure it will work wonders for you.
Report Reveals Tricks to Uplift Your Brand Reach and Audience On Instagram as The Marketing Strategy On the Social Network Changes in 2021

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