Phishers Take Tide Once Again As Ransomware Touches Its All-Time High

The growth of technology has resulted in what we know as the digital age that has dominated the 20th Century and is expected to continue to do so. However, with this increased access to digital links and the world turning into a global village due to the internet, the security of this space has often raised a question mark and presented a problem to all internet and security firms. Recently, the Kaseya firms were scammed with Ransomware that affected all the social firms that Kaseya provides software tools to.

This was projected to small and medium business firms that were using Kaseya’s services for Managed Service Providers. The ransomware that was targeted at the businesses was specifically for the customers of Kaseya’s customers and since these were individuals unaware of the complexities of the ransomware, most of the individuals fell for it and took a hit.

An estimate of around 800-1500 businesses was targeted in the ransomware attack ranging to about a million customers across the United States bringing the cyber security risks back into the limelight. Not only is the situation worsening over the years, but the awareness against phishing attempts and ransomware situations has also decreased creating chaos across the seams and providing scammers with an opportunity and an audience to strike.

While most of the large businesses are safe from these fraudulent activities, small firms that lack the expertise involved with cybersecurity are often found under the bus as these small businesses often use cheap freelancers for their problems and do not have a proper IT department to deal with these attempts. This makes these businesses vulnerable to business attempts and has been constituted as the biggest reason for phishing and ransomware attacks by Datto’s Global State of the Channel Ransomware Report.

The report further elaborated that the issue of ransomware is not only due to a lack of training but poor password security and negligible lock on RDP access have caused trouble for even medium businesses. Despite rigorous attempts by security firms and IT giants, ransomware and phishing attempts are at an all-time high as the economy has taken hits due to the pandemic and for many scamming seems like an easy way out despite the legal ramifications that follow suit.

The statistics with Datto also influenced that around 54% of attacks of ransomware are due to phishing emails with around 26% each for poor users life and lack of cybersecurity from firms due to lack of the IT department. The Whitehouse has been involved with looking that if these attacks do not pose a national threat and we are to await their results.

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