Facebook challenges the views of Joe Biden that social media platforms are killing many people due to the dissemination of fake information about COVID vaccines

About two days ago, one of the news journalists requested the president of the US to comment on misinformation issue of social media platforms (such as Facebook) during the pandemic situation, and surprisingly, Joe Biden criticized the tech platforms by giving a harsh statement that these networks are killing people due to the dissemination of fake information about the vaccines. In its response, Facebook has rejected this statement completely as the social network claims these are false accusations and it has nothing to do with the real facts. As the COVID cases are rising in the US on daily basis and these types of blames would never help society to get out of this trouble. In fact, many social media platforms are performing their duty well to extend awareness among the people regarding vaccination.

One executive of Facebook name Guy Rosen has said that the platform has worked together with many universities such as Maryland and Carnegie Mellon to make people aware of the symptoms of the coronavirus, and the amounts of vaccinations. As a result of such awareness, about 85 percent of the users of the platform have been vaccinated or want to be inoculated against this disease. However, the aim of the president of the US was only 70 percent up to this month. Facebook has played a major role in this regard.

According to sources, the administrators of the White House put pressure on the president to make any harsh statement against social platforms. A recent study from the Surgeon General on antagonizing the health material comprised of various suggestions for social companies, the public, instructors, health experts, scientists, and government. However, the main suggestions for social platforms are they should carefully monitor the false information regarding the pandemic and magnify the communications from professionals. The Surgeon name Vivek Murthy further said to the journalist that the system of Facebook mostly show such types of content which people taps and further this platform rewards users for posting the expressive type of material on the website, that push many people to go into the depth of distorted information.
Facebook has already taken these suggestions of Surgeon very seriously. Many officials have concerns with such claims of the president and many Republicans also refused such blames by saying that the administrators are trying to fight with the giant social platform to censor the American nation.

The fact includes that Facebook has deleted millions of material from its website that that considered being distorted or fake information and it also removed thousands of accounts that were spreading false information and it will further try its best to monitor misinformation.

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