This weird bug on Apple’s iOS devices can disrupt your Wi-Fi connection when you link a network with a strange name

Apple’s smartphones are known for their strong security systems. But sometimes the security system can also become a problem for some iPhone users as recently, a bug has been found in the iOS devices which is creating a mess around. People must be very cautious while using a Wi-Fi connection at home, for instance, some people usually change the name of their Wi-Fi connection so that it becomes easy to recognize, but that can become troublesome for users as recently a security expert Carl Schou has found a new bug that can disrupt the Wi-Fi connection on iOS devices.

If users try to change the name of their Wi-Fi connection to a strange one SSID like %p%s%s%n% the internet connection will lose its functionality. But there is also a solution to get rid of this problem and get back to the previous name by reorganizing the internet connection, you need to go to the setting option, and then tap the general section, then you need to reset the internet connection by going to the reset option, but this can become a headache when users try to evade the usage of mobile data. The security experts say that this is still not a transparent vulnerability at this phase, that maybe string formatting error, the reason for this error could be that iOS device may obscure the percentage% sign record with the software designed instructions and variables.

Carl Schou has said that he tries to experiment with badly developed functions by using some strange names on his iPhone device to check that whether this will work or not. He further said that he was doing the same experiment since the update of iOS 14.4.2 and it is still not fixed as you can also face this same issue on the latest update of iOS 14.6. Fonts-related flaws are not unremarked as in the year 2018; vulnerability in the iOS and macOS stopped applications by using the solitary sign. Normally, the errors related to network connection are unusual but still some tricksters can use this on public hotspots to crash your Apple’s smartphone. It is a suggestion not to connect your iPhone with public Wi-Fi connections to avoid this issue. However, Apple Company has not commented on this network connection vulnerability but it is hoped that the company will soon fix this problem.

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