Facebook highlights the list of most talked about topics of Q1 2021

Recently, Facebook presented a list covering all the topics that gained most number of views on both Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram. The topics are enlisted according to their citation frequency on Watch report. This report gives valuable information regarding the marketing approaches that will going to help in the future.

Previously, the watch report tend to be released on every month. But now, the most talked subjects list is covering issues on quarterly basis. The updates are mainly from Instagram including topics from other major platforms. According to Facebook, Watch report showcases issues of discussion that have demonstrated immediate growth trends comparable to the topics that have retained success. Usually, topics that can be discussed for months are covered in the report instead of any headline, public figures, or recent affairs that may occur in any given month.

Back in the 2020, when the same approach was used to pick out trending topics, Facebook analytics team identified number of important trends that have received major changes in terms of mention frequency. Therefore, it is highly important to consider the topics prior to enlisting them.

In its latest report, Facebook have discovered a number of trending topics including travel photography. Travel vlogs and photos have been rising on Facebook in the past few months. Specially in the pandemic situation when ban on traveling is lifted, a huge amount of people rush out to get the fresh breeze of air.

Traveling nowadays in no more than a blessing. After experiencing limitations of domestic or international traveling, people cannot wait to plan a journey and capture every possible moment to spread peaceful positivity on social media.

The report indicates the increased frequency of discussions on Travel photographs and relevant topics. The metrics also demonstrated the age groups of people from most to least interested. It has been discovered that people from 18 to 32 age group traveled the most after lockdown.

Along with traveling, street style clothing is something that people discussed the most during lockdowns. The comfort and flair of streetwear has made it most desirable during these times. In the United States, people are often wearing these clothes outside as the lockdown eases. This style is not going out of fashion anytime soon. It a valuable insights for brand for their future launches.

On the other hand, the search of hotels and resorts has becoming increasingly popular on Instagram. According to Facebook, people are looking for peaceful destination that somehow divert their mind from Coronavirus situation. Several people believe that all-inclusive resorts are indeed a better choice when planning the upcoming vacation because they provide all lodgings, food, beverages, and amusement.

Furthermore, Instagrammers are attempting to embrace a broader body positive mindset. This increasingly rising campaign is a great approach as on Instagram everything that appears is either filtered or edited. Self acceptance will have a huge impact on people’s mental health.

The topics enlisted in the update might not connect every marketer with their audience but it is worth experimenting to evaluate the response and growth it is going to generate.

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