Google announces it will make Android's ‘opt out of personalized advertisements’ feature more efficient this year

Personalized ads are the future of advertising online, personalized ads helps consumers receive ads about the category of products that they are interested in, which helps businesses and marketers to reach their target audience much more easily and helps them earn more revenue thus business advertise more, this makes personalized advertising an effective digital marketing approach. Android have been working a lot on personal advertising lately and has announced an update that would help Android OS users to better opt for the advertisements that they want to see on the apps they have installed on their phones.

Google Play launched an advertising ID a long time ago, the advertising ID allows users to personalize advertisements and only see advertisements based on their interest, users can also select the option for turning off personalized ads, this forbids apps from using you advertising ID to bring you ads that are personalized.

According to a document for developers, the users that have the personalization of ads and decide to opt out will have much better results than before as previously even after opting out users reported receiving personalized advertisements. Now with the new changes, the identifier will no longer be available and apps will only receive a string of zeros once a user turns off personalization. Once a person turns off their personalization, developers and ad/analytics service providers will be notified by Google Play so that the users data can be quickly removed.

This change in Android is coming after Apple made a similar change in their advertising system earlier this year. Apple has an IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) system that allows apple users to personalize their advertisements, Apps on Apple now ask users for their permission for access to the IDFA and users can turn off the apps permission to use to IDFA. Apps on android doesn’t asks users for permission however they can be restricted from using your preference ads option by turning it off from settings.

A lot of users think that personalized ads are an invasion to privacy as they get access to your interest and information, the announcement of the increased efficiency of the opt out from personalized ads feature is probably a good news for them.

Users will be able to see this new change by the end of 2021, however only Apps that run on Android 12 would have this feature. Google would then continue to make this new change in other apps the next year.

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