Facebook will soon allow you to access and post Reels and Rooms from the Story tray

Facebook has a new feature in stock that makes browsing/uploading easier - or does it?

Facebook has been launching new updates one after the next for a while now and although the previous updates and the social presence of Facebook often results in unwanted critique and dislike, we must admit, the platform is getting smarter and coming up with more user-efficient solutions.

Facebook made users aware of the ability to post reels on Instagram stories a few months back. The reaction was quite positive which is why the platform decided to introduce yet another feature concerning the use of reels. You will now be able to post reels directly from the story tray.

Another popular feature launched last year was Facebook rooms that made private little corners for people to video call through messenger without actually having to download the subsidiary app. Since people could be connected from various platforms and participants could be removed conveniently as well, the approval rate was pretty high. Facebook resolved to add the Rooms feature to the story tray along with reels.

Alessandro Paluzzi, in a recent tweet, mentioned that Facebook will soon facilitate two new features in its story bar. The two new tabs included are designed specifically for reels and rooms. Paluzzi then went ahead and attached two screenshots of the new feature in action. The Story bar on top of your main page will hold the new tabs in place of the story addition option that was previously positioned there alone.

The Rooms tab will be a rather attractive purple with a video camera icon while the one for reels will be a pretty pink with a clapboard placed on the tab. The process is similar to the one we're familiar with. Simply click on the tab and you will be directed to your camera or gallery from where you can select the reel you want to post while for the rooms, the click will then take you through the usual video call process.

From what we have seen, Paluzzi's update was also not received very well with feedback about the rectangular tab size being too big and the feature being an unnecessary addition. One comment even went ahead to claim how this is another one of Facebook's 'tedious' additions. It should be noted that there were little to no encouraging comments, showing that the feature is already a big fail even though it has not been launched. This does say a lot about the future of the platform's well-thought-out update.

There is no set date when the feature will roll out nor is there any detailed post or comment about this new update yet. However, Paluzzi's tweet cannot be ignored, meaning we should brace ourselves whether we like its airs or not.

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