Twitter is experimenting with wider display ads in Fleet to challenge its equivalent partner; Instagram stories

Twitter is planning to introduce advertisement in the Fleet. Fleet is actually alternative to services like Instagram and Snapchat stories. Fleet is competing against such stories feature hence decided to release ads that would allow users to share temporary announcements.

Fleets are basically designed to use on mobile devices (Android and iOS apps). They are similar to Instagram stories however unlike them, fleets does not enable users to retweet the stories and are not open to public replies.

Through adding ads in Fleets, Twitter is inclined to exploit people for monetization and expand its income sources. In the first three months, Twitter generated $899 million which is 32 percent more than previous year. While 11 percent rise has been observed in overall ad consumption.

Twitter has claimed to reach nearly 315 users in 2023 on every day ritual. That is why, the platform is busy working hard attempting to introduce as many new services as possible. Likewise, after trying out the functionality of Fleets in few locations, the platform announced its availability in last November.

Fleets are the stories that appeared on the top of Twitter timeline and enable users to upload textual stories, images, videos, give reaction via emoji, and send message. No one knows about the user engagement on Fleets as the company decide to keep it hidden and declined to share any stats.

Like Instagram, Twitter is also incorporating ads to its Fleets that provide marketers to include a swipe-up feature so that people get to know more about the brands and its facilities. Justin Hoang, a senior brand supervisor and Austin Evers, an international product marketing director, stated in a blog post that Fleet ads will show up while people are watching stories that keeps them up-to-date about their favorite brand.

Starting from this week, Twitter is initiating to test out ads only on selected users in the United States on iOS. Other than Wendy’s, nine more companies are taking part in the trial session including tech companies, restaurants, and retail industries.

Twitter is also going to evaluate how these ads works for users along with Fleet as the plan is to display adds on the entire screen. The platform has revealed some new products and is deciding to interact with Nielson in order to assists brands to evaluate user engagement. As said by the company, they don’t want to invade user’s privacy and prioritize importance of people and what is their opinion regarding this new add-on.

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