Twitter Reopens Applications for Verification After a Pause of Four Days

Getting verified on Twitter is a big deal for all the merging influencers and lesser known journalists, activist and personalities out there because it gives them a feel of acknowledgment. In order to get verified, users have to send in an application but the big blue bird had not opened its verification application for a long time now, almost four years to be precise.

However, things took a turn and on May 20th of 2021, the tech giant tweeted the announcement that they were accepting applications for verification again. This was great and big news for so many people out there and people immediately starts sending in applications.

The tech giant further announced that users would receive a respond to their applications within a few days or may take up to weeks, depending on the number of applications they had received and considering how they opened the application process after four years there had ought to be many.

Though, to some user’s surprise Twitter called off its application acceptance within a week after its announcement saying that they will try to resume it as soon as possible. However, no such solid details were provided as to when it will restart to take in applications again nor the tech giant made a comment as to why they had turned off accepting applications.

When Twitter users thought that this may take a while now for the tech giant to reopen its verification application considering how long after they opened it this time, to their surprise the tech giant made a follow up tweet under their previous Tweet announcing that they have resumed taking in application for verifications again. This happened after only four days of turning down applications.

The tech giant has not yet commented though that whether this gap would cause a slight delay in the verifications of the already applied users but what they have said is that users will start seeing a blue tick if their verification was approved and if not users can apply again 30 days after they have received a response from the tech giant.

Though anyone can apply for verification the tech giant verifies users from six distinct categories which are government, companies and organizations; news organizations and journalists; sports and gaming; companies, entertainment; activists, companies, organizers, influential individuals, though they plan on expanding the categories in the future.

Photo: DeFodi Images via Getty Images
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