TikTok Executive Claims The Social Network Has Stopped Taking Content Moderation Help From It's China-Based Workforce

TikTok is one of the many apps out there that always seems to get itself in the news. TikTok too puts its user privacy at the top no matter what. It has been recently reported that TikTok has apparently denied giving out their user’s information to authorities in China where the parent company of TikTok ByteDance is based at.

TikTok is a social media app that is not unknown to anyone and almost everyone around us uses the app for different purposes. The app has helped shape the lives of so many out there and one thing that has always been a problem for this ever growing social media platform are its authorities in China who help the app to strengthen its global relations. However, since the year 2020, many moderators in China have taken out a lot of content of TikTok by calling it inappropriate, even though the content was perfectly alright.

Even after such incidents took place, TikTok still continued to work with its employees in China as they were a huge hand in helping the app go more out globally, but now recently, TikTok has slowly tried to not involve much of its moderators from China and according to its Head of Trust and Safety, Cormac Keenan, the app no longer has any employee working for it in China, as reported by BI.

This new step occurred in March 2020, where TikTok cut all of its ties with the Chinese administration and moved all of its content moderation outside the company.

This new step could possibly be because a lot of companies banned TikTok as a response claiming that its roots in China are supposedly said to gather a numerous amount of data from users which is illegal, and though TikTok is not present in China by its own name, its sister named Douyin sure is.

TikTok, is sure one of the top most ranging application and it hasn’t left its number one position on the app store since its launch. The drawback that occurred because of the Chinese administration being involved brought a lot of downfall on their users’ strength and for a company flourishing so well, this was something they could not afford, hence breaking all commitment with China was the greater step, without doubt.

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