TikTok Adds a New Program Called “Jump” in Its Already Long List of Great Features

TikTok is a video making application which allows users to create content in the form of videos and express themselves through it and since its launch the application has managed to receive a huge number of audience, in response to which the company introduces a bunch of new features every now and then to make their application a rather more fun place to be at

This time again, TikTok is launching another new feature in its already huge list. This new feature will be called "Jumps" and it happens to be something similar to what Snapchat introduced in its Spotlight version a few weeks ago.

However, will it be fair to call Jumps from TikTok a copied version of Spotlight considering the fact that Spotlight totally copied off the idea from TikTok in creating a video making application? Though in this era of technology its very common for applications to immediately create a similar working feature like other applications within a span of days so it's not a debate you should really put your head into.

Coming back to Jumps, this feature will allow creators to attach links from third party applications and sources directly on their videos. Tapping on such links will direct users to the attached source immediately.

This is a great way for TikTok to expand further, and providing accessibility to third party applications will make it easier for users to directly link their audience to third parties they want them to refer in accordance to the video.

Currently TikTok is launching this feature in collaboration with third parties like Wikipedia, Quizlet, Breathwrk, Statmuse while others like Buzz feed, IRL will be jumping on the bandwagon real soon.

Though TikTok had been planning Jumps for some time now, but they are not launching it immediately for a large number of people. The said application will be launched for a smaller proportion of people first as a part of survey and testing on the changes that can be made, and according to the company, they will expand the launch really soon after.

The tech giant also stated that it soon will also launch a bunch of new tools on the jump feature, which will provide users with another set of new experiences.

TikTok has always come up with really great and interesting features and we are sure that this feature and all those to come will be up to the user expectations like always.

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