To provide SMBs extra edge, Google makes the workflow of YouTube ads much simpler

One company that contributes a lot to the small business events and to business in general is the tech giant ‘Google’, this year the company has announced a really exciting gift for small businesses that will surely be loved by entrepreneurs with a small business.

We all know that Google products like Chrome and YouTube are used by a by billions of people all over the world giving these platforms an extraordinary importance in the world of commerce, platforms with such big traffic do attract a lot of businesses to advertise on them. Google has built special systems that allows marketers to advertise effectively by selecting the right keywords and target the correct audience and demographics. This impressive system allows businesses to convert more viewers into customers thus benefitting them but to advertise effectively and create advertisements that attract the customers eye are one big problem for small businesses.

While scrolling through a news article or watching a YouTube video we all ignore the advertisement we see in them, which is why to create advertisements that stick into the minds of the viewer’s businesses have to struggle and spend a lot of resources since hiring professionals to advertise is usually necessary, which is why small businesses because of their low budget are usually unable to advertise properly.

Google understood this, which is why the tech giant decided to improve the workflow of creating ads on YouTube, the new workflow is now available and now users will be able to advertise a video by adding it, then selecting the budget and the demographics, this is unlike the previous workflow in which the advertiser had to access the functionality of Google Ads which is difficult to learn and advertise on for small businesses.

The new workflow has a much friendlier interface and will be easy to understand for small business owners, the new workflow also includes a metrics dashboard that is easy to read and will allow the advertiser to see the results of their campaigns easily.

This is not the only time in which YouTube has come forward to help the small business community, just last year YouTube created a free video builder tool that enabled businesses to create small videos, logos, advertisements and banners thus helping small businesses on a tight budget to easily create advertisements for free.

If you are a small businesses owner or know someone that owns one, you should definitely suggest them to use YouTube for advertising their products and services since they will surely benefit from it.

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