A Direct Message feature is under process for Clubhouse

Clubhouse is one of the fastest growing app all over the world. Since the application rolled out, it has been facing a lot of competition either from Twitter Spaces or from the upcoming chat room for Facebook. To make sure that Clubhouse doesn’t lose its spot, the app has been bringing in new features to make it more distinctive from others.

In a town hall conference of the company Paul Davison, the Chief Executive Officer of Clubhouse announced a new chat feature they have been working on. He said that there are users who love doing direct messaging at the back channel. They do this to strengthen their bonds and friendships with others. Davison agreed if users like doing this, then they should have it too.

In response to this, the users witnessed a new Backchannel feature on their screen. But it was a short lived element and was taken down in a week. This started a discussion among users if a backchannel text feature is actually going to happen or it was just a mistake and was removed to fix it.

Unlike CEO of Clubhouse, the co-founder was not much open while talking about the Direct Message feature. He told that this feature will not be coming in recently and it is still not clear if the users will be getting a one on one text feature or a group conversation feature as well. One of the spokesperson for the application told that developers keep trying new features that can be added to the Clubhouse, sometimes the features being tested gets approved sometimes they are not able to make it to the app.

As mentioned above, many similar apps are now out there giving competition to Clubhouse, one of them is the Spotify's Greenroom. This app is offering a live chat feature to its users as well which can be accessed easily. While Clubhouse is still working on it, other apps are already introducing it. Hence it can be expected that the feature might start getting tested and will be available for everyone.

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