Phishing Defense Company Reveals Half of Phished Accounts Are Accessed in 12 Hours

Phishing is one of the most prominent types of cyber attacks that the common person can end up going through, and a lot of this has to do with the kind of activities that hackers can take part in once they have conducted a phishing attack in the first place. A lot of people tend to assume that phishing attacks are not all that serious, but with all of that having been said and now out of the way it is important to note that they can actually be quite a major problem when you consider how quickly malicious actors would access your account once they acquire your details through the aforementioned phishing attack.

Recent research that Agari, a phishing defense company, conducted indicated that about half of phishing attacks result in an illicit login within 12 hours. Almost a quarter of these attacks, around 23% to be precise, result in the accounts being compromised more or less immediately which is something that people who suffer from these attacks should keep in mind. Many of these attacks are done so that the enterprises that a person works for can be illicitly accessed, so this is something that is of particular relevance to the corporate world as well.

The research took into account around 44 groups that take part in phishing attacks, and it was revealed that nearly half of these groups were in Nigeria. This indicates that the African nation has a real problem that is starting to severely impact the safety of various individuals online. This research also revealed that 91% of phished accounts were accessed within a single week, which means that if an organization finds out that one of its employees was targeted in some kind of a phishing attack then it would be in their best interests to address the issue right away.

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