The BIG 4 Smartphone Brands' Global Market Share Crosses the 60 Percent Mark

Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Xiaomi emerged as the leading smartphone makers across the globe in 2020. Their combined worldwide market share has already crossed the 60% mark.

But what’s more interesting is despite their popularity all over the world, these brands have preserved numerous home-field advantages. For starters, Apple’s usage in the US and Canada is still second to none. Samsung still has a colossal market share in South Korea. Also, nearly 40% of the Chinese population has access to Huawei.

In Statista’s Global Consumer Survey, nearly two in three (66%) South Koreans revealed that they own a Samsung phone. Additionally, 40% of the respondents from Germany and Brazil claimed that their main smartphone was Samsung too. Not only that but Samsung also enjoys a solid presence in Apple’s home turfs (the US and Canada) since over 30% of smartphone users in the said areas have gadgets made by the Korean manufacturer.

In Mexico, Russia, and Spain, The BIG 4 haven’t been able to reach more than a quarter of these countries’ respective userbases. Also, it’s interesting to note that less than 60% of the Indian population owns a phone made by either of these four prominent brands.

It’s worth noting that the smartphone market in India (past the BIG 4) isn’t dominated by a particular brand. Phone manufacturers such as OPPO, OnePlus, Realme, and Vivo have each been able to reach only 6-8% percent of the Indian participants.

Source: According to Sensor Tower's report, the top hundred smartphone games represent the 64.4% of all spending of players in America for the year 2020
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