Contact Tracing Applications Did Not Turn Out to Be as Successful During the Pandemic as they were Expected to Be

With the emergence of the pandemic in the early days of 2020, and its severe spread worldwide, the government of every country around the globe started taking the necessary precautions and measures to protect the people.

Amidst the staying at home protected within the four walls of homes, wearing masks and loads of sanitizer, another measure was taken by the several governments around the world. Several government work bodies worked towards launching a contact tracing application for smartphones that worked on Google and Apple exposure notification and used the systems Bluetooth to detect two people who used the app together within 2 meters for more than 15 minutes. The application than can also notify users if they were around someone who got tested positive so that they can isolate themselves too.

However, though the contact tracing application was expected to become a huge hit in controlling the spread of the virus, things did not turn out that way.

Prior to the release of the contact tracing system, when a survey was taken about how willing people are to use it, a rather positive response was observed however in June of 2020, 71 percent Americans denied using the said application.

This happened because of the lack of trust of the government by the people and the hesitation to give up their personal information on the application made people not use it so widely.

Many claimed that these results were extracted from a survey that was taken prior to the release of this feature, though another survey taken post release nearly showed the same results.

However, though this application had a lot of potential in minimizing both the contact and spread of Covid19, the lack of trust and privacy factors made a lot of Americans not to use it, which apparently then diminished its working considering this application worked best only if a large percentage of population would use it because only then it can contain accurate details of the spread of the virus.

Many technologists believe that this technology could be of immense help not only for Covid19 but for all other diseases which are spread through contact however, the draw back apart from privacy concerns and mistrust also occurred because many people did not understand the concepts on how to actually use the application, as stated by users who gave one star to the application on the App and Google Stores.

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